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Asking Tough Questions

July 31, 2018 / Experimental Pathology

Triple-negative breast cancers account for just 15-20% of breast cancers, but a disproportionate number of deaths. A Nature Communications paper from the Kleer Lab, in close collaboration with other U-M Department of Pathology labs, has discovered a reason why and could lead to better outcomes for patients.

Celina Kleer, MD’s lab in the Rogel Cancer Center is occupied by staff and students with a range of experiences and talents, but a common goal – understanding difficult breast cancers [...] 


Dr. Giordano Published in Endocrine-Related Cancer

July 18, 2018 / Announcement

Thomas Giordano, MD, PhD, the Henry Clay Bryant Professor of Pathology, has published an invited review article in a special issue of Endocrine-Related Cancer, celebrating 65 years of the double helix. In Classification of endocrine tumors in the age of integrated genomics, Giordano shares [...]


Dr. Asma Nusrat elected President of the American Society for Investigative Pathology

July 16, 2018 / Announcement

Congratulations to Asma Nusrat, MD, the Aldred Scott Warthin Professor and director of experimental pathology in the Michigan Medicine Department of Pathology, for her election as president of the American Society for Pathology for [...]


Dr. Gabriel Nuñez selected for the 2019 Rous-Whipple Award from the American Society for Investigative Pathology

July 16, 2018 / Announcement

Dr. Gabriel Nuñez, the Paul de Kruif Endowed Professor of Inflammation & Immunology and Co-Director of Immunology and Host Response Program in the Michigan Medicine Department of Pathology, has been [...]


Building Better Bridges

July 12, 2018 / Newsletter

A new U-M initiative aims to improve the patient experience by forging connections between pathologists and the people they serve.


U-M Faculty Edit, Contribute to New Cytology Textbook

July 11, 2018 / Announcement

The textbook, Atlas of Non-Gynecologic Cytology, has been released as part of the Atlas of Anatomic Pathology series. The book was edited by U-M’s Associate Professor of Pathology, Xin Jing, MD, as well as [...]


Resident Class of 2022 Begins Journey with Michigan Medicine

July 6, 2018 / Education

Learn more about the incoming resident class, where they came from, and why they chose U-M.


Dr. Steven L. Kunkel Appointed as Distinguished University Professor

July 2, 2018 / Award

Congratulations to Dean Steven Kunkel on his appointment as Distinguished University Professor, one of the University of Michigan's highest honors, and being recognized for his exceptional achievements and services.  He was one of five professors honored this year, effective September 1, 2018.